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"Navigating your Healthy Lifestyle Journey"

Lead Instructor: Leanne Anderson

Encompassing all aspects of healthy living; Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep & Wellbeing.

Enjoy and explore our range of studio and online classes including Body Blast, HIIT, Spin, LBTs, Combat, "Body, Mind & Soul" relaxation inc Tai Chi and Mindfulness.

We provide PT, 1:1 & small group training, both in studio and mobile. Also available we have holistic treatments; Indian Head Massage Therapy.

Find your True Tribe at Compass Fitness & Wellbeing. We are a community of like-minded, supportive souls. Join us for future adventures such as Compass Wellbeing Workshops and Retreats including Forest Bathing and Mindfulness.


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Where to find us

Cosford Grange Farm
Holyhead Road
TF11 9JB

About the Compass Fitness & Wellbeing journey so far..

So this is me! Leanne! Busy mom of 3 very energetic children... There's always football practice, drama group, all sorts of after school clubs to ferry them to, back and forth! And then there is my incredibly supportive husband, Jamie, who is my rock, keeps me grounded, my soul mate!

After having 3 children, I retained a certain amount post-partum baby weight and then experienced a traumatic life event with the passing of my dad. I kind of comfort ate... a lot! Before I knew it i barely recognised myself in family snaps. Then something clicked in me, watching my children i wanted to be here for as long as possible in this life. But more than that, I wanted to inspire them to live their best lives.

So to do that, I first had to learn self love and care and to begin to lead by example! By becoming more aware of my wellbeing, I connected to positive people around me, I became more active, I ate healthily, I began to take notice of the world more. I learnt... A lot! Gaining my fitness industry quals, to then not just inspire my little family, but to give to others... my fitness and wellbeing family.

So more than 10 years on, I have navigated many, many people on their own fitness and wellbeing journeys... and I hope that after reading this, you may also be ready to begin your own journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

Get started today

We have a flexible timetable of studio and online classes. Please contact us for more information.


Studio Class - £5 per session
Online Class - £3 per session
Attend 3 Studio Classes and gain free access to all online classes within that week.

Personal Training - per hour

£25 (Individual)
£12.50 per person (2 people)
£10 per person (small groups of 3 or more)

Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage Therapy - £30 - 45 minute session



Intuitive eating is about trusting your inner body wisdom to make choices around food that feel good in your body.



Be the energy you want to attract. Your pathway at your pace on your unique journey.



Enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise.

"Sleep is the best meditation"

Dalai lama



The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.


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Marie Weatherill
Nottinghamshire - Online

Leanne is amazing and all her classes are brilliant, she makes you feel welcome and gives you confidence. Each class is different so has lots of variety in the workouts
Lizi Howard

Excellent class, brilliant for all fitness levels. Leanne is great at motivating you to do the absolute best you can. Everyone is really welcoming
Compass Fitness & Wellbeing